I’ve wanted to post something on the concept of “drama” since I’ve been recently confronting it. One person implored to me dramatically, “drama is reality,” as if I needed to embrace its inevitability. From what I dimly recall from “History of Theatre” in college, the origins of drama are Greek and are comprised of tragedy, comedy, and satire. I think we’re talking all three here…

My brief research on the subject B-listed a movie, “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,” starring Lindsay Lohan who probably employed very natural method acting for the role. I lived through this phenomenon when my girls were teenagers, but people eventually grow out of this, right? I mean the “drama” Wikipedia describes as, “unnecessary emotional turmoil, such as that created through social events or gossip.”

It’s surprising how much gossiping and badmouthing goes on by people who are otherwise considered professional adults. Some of these people are just immature, but others are real jerks. Maybe it makes life more interesting or fun or it makes the purveyors feel better about themselves. I don’t know, but I wish to avoid it.

* My apologies to Jason Isbell for borrowing the title from one of his great songs for this lame post.