“Developing my own personal brand,” may be ridiculed by some, but we all do it to some extent. The choice of Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or no-name coffee from the bagel shop is somewhat a personal branding selection. I recall articles on the subject a couple years ago, but my inspiration for this post is, “You are not your bookcase” by Megan Hustad in Salon. Ms. Hustad suggests, “Type up a shadow list of products, one that really captures you. Print it out. Stare at the list. Take a deep breath. Let yourself be humbled. Then toss it in the recycling bin. Step outside and take a walk.”

Here we go…

  • House1930 Hollywood Bungalow with stucco, curves and cracks. A ranch it’s not.
  • Car – This may be the top personal branding product for people who don’t have a boat or plane. Think about what people are trying to project when they drive a Prius or a Hummer. For me, it’s an old and square ’96 Volvo 850, but at 226K, it’s done a mile or two… and continues to.
  • Music PlayeriPod Nano doesn’t really set me apart.
  • Cellphone – The LeoTreo is now old and fat compared to the youngsters, but it’s not a Blackberry.
  • Life size TV – After 16 years of employment, I still feel the tug of brand loyalty. Not to mention the kick ass picture. NEC Plasma HDTV
  • ShoesBostonian and Johnson & Murphy in rotation with a third for suit wearing occasions.
  • Athletic shoesNew Balance and Nike – NB accommodates fat feet and the Swoosh were very comfy for racquetball.
  • Jeans by Perry Ellis and Nautica – Whatever basic jeans I like that fit at Mar Shalls. I’d go for Levi’s, but those brown size tags would reveal exactly how much ass makes mine look fat in them…
  • Chaps Sport Shirts – Comfortable, basic. 100% cotton.
  • Calphalon Commercial Hard-Anodized cookware hanging in my kitchen is probably as much a branding statement as a storage solution.
  • Presidential Candidate – The smart, honest and cool Barack Obama.
  • Music – A sliver of noncommercial that might help me seem hip.
  • Baby FormulaSimilac Organic…Nothing but the best for the little one.

Now I do need to go for a walk. What Do You Do To Be Branded?