It doesn’t matter what the definition of is is. It is over. Even after the infuriating, pandering tactics of Hillary Clinton over the past few months, I was a bit saddened watching her deflated “victory” speech last night, complete with a shameless pitch for more money. What’s so brazen about Sen. Clinton asking for money now is that it’s most likely going in her pocket to repay the $5M loan she provided her campaign. Sad.

The “egg heads and African-Americans” line came from Clinton supporter Paul Begala on CNN last night. Mr. Begala suggested the Democrats can’t win in November without the white, middle-class voters his candidate spent so much energy pandering to with shots (guns and Crown Royal) and promises of a gas-tax holiday. On Sunday, Mrs. Clinton was challenged to name one economist who supported her holiday. When she replied, “I’m not going to put my lot in with economists,” what she really meant was, I can’t justify my lame, pandering promise.

I’m optimistic Barack Obama’s honesty on the issues is paying off with thoughtful voters, but I do worry that race will be exploited in the Fall and I wonder how many of the key white, middle-class voters will just pick the white guy on November 4th. Certainly, race is a factor in African-Americans siding with Obama at a 9-1 clip, but will Sen. Clinton’s base of older, white women be unable to choose a black man? After last night, it looks like we’ll find out as Sen. Obama survived the Clinton’s final assault, and will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.