Esquire online’s article, “75 Skills Men Should Be Able to Do” put me to the test. Here’s the top 10 and a few others…

1. Give advice that matters in one sentence. – Yeah, sure. Don’t lie.
2. Tell if someone is lying. – My perception is good.
3. Take a photo. The Esquire article said, “Fill the frame.” That doesn’t exactly follow the “rule of thirds,” but regardless, I’m far from checking this off the list.
4. Score a baseball game. – Just Thursday night I shared the story of how teaching Miss Megan how to keep score kept the 5 year old interested in her first Sox game on July 7, 1994, featuring Seattle’s Randy Johnson v. Aaron Sele. The game was flying and the Sox led 3-1 going into the 9th. A Ken Griffey Jr. double off the monster tied it in the 9th. Seattle won it in the 10th. Welcome to Red Sox Nation, my girl.
5. Name a book that matters. – “Moby-Dick” by Herman Melville. It’s also got a great drum solo by John Bonham on the live record.
6. Know at least one musical group as well as is possible. – I love music and I can tell you how Wilco and Son Volt rose from the dead Uncle Tupelo. I also know two leaders of another band are Gene Klein and Stanley Eisen, but you don’t care about that either.
7. Cook meat somewhere other than the grill. – Check.
8. Not monopolize the conversation. – I need to work on my monopolizing skills.
9. Write a letter. – Tends to get me in big trouble, but yeah.
10. Buy a suit. – Wool. Black, Navy or Charcoal. Pinstripe or not. Avoid yellow.

14. Chop down a tree. – How’s that skill #14?
18. Speak a foreign language. – I will learn some French and go where they speak it.
19. Approach a woman out of his league. – Are there classes on this?
30. Feign interest. – I hate being phony, but this is an unfortunate skill requirement.
35. Jump-start a car (without any drama). Change a flat tire (safely). Change the oil (once). – Yes, but I’d rather not.
46. Tell a woman’s dress size. – Not sure, but I think 6 is good. Small, Hot, Medium and Large?
60. Be brand loyal to at least one product. – Cheeze-Its
68. Find his way out of the woods if lost. – With my slice, this is very important.
71. Iron a shirt. – See #35 above.
75. Negotiate a better price. – Be willing to walk.