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Goodbye Friend

I’m glad we said goodbye. Over the past few weeks we had a few extra meetings and some honest discussion about the whys, but throughout I acted like it wasn’t really happening; that Monday morning the cheery Aussie accent would fill my office…

Friday was Natira’s last day at Kronos. She and Rod are going home to Sydney, Australia after 2 1/2 years stateside. Last night I attended a “Farewell to the Fabulous Drayton’s” party at Barb’s. My date for the evening was little Miss Madison, as Megan was employed for the evenings events. Seeing a blanket-swaddled Madison “flying” in Rod’s arms on the deck with the Atlantic Ocean backdrop was the lightest moment of the night for me. A happy girl with a natural future dad…

Near baby departure time, the young bartender passed small Limoncello shots to all the guests for a toast. I passed, but looked up astonished to see Kyle throw back the first alcohol to ever pass his lips. He took a little teasing, but was unaffected and sang all the way home.

Rod and Natira came out to the car with us to give me Nat’s laptop and a nice bagel-width toaster. After the formalities, we entered an awkward embrace; words jumbled in my mind and choking vocal chords unaiding their delivery. My final impression is of the silhouetted couple walking away hand in hand. Beautiful.

I didn’t think it was going to be so hard.

So what do you say when they slip away?
That’s how it is
And you can’t change a thing about the way things are
So I’m not trying

Keeping track of the brand new days
I wish that I could turn them in
To something different than what we’ve got
Cuz now we’re missing your ways
Oh yeah we’re missing your ways

Goodbye Friend

Anders Parker – “Goodbye Friend” from Tell it to the Dust – 2004

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    So sweet =)


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