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Mr. Saturday Night Blog Special

7:42 – Kyle and I just got back from dinner. Veal Parm and Chicken Frances at Il Forno. That place just isn’t the same, and I don’t mean better.

7:43 – That brunette in the Caddy CTS commercial is quite lovely.

7:45 – We’re watching “About a Boy” as a Celts pre-game. A scene just opened with U2’s “Zoo Station” from “Achtung Baby” which Amazon tells me was released over 16 years ago…

8:02 – Cate Blanchett as Russian Irina Spalko was about the best thing in today’s matinee of the new Indiana Jones flick. When’s the last time Stephen Spielberg made a great film?

8:07 – Sir Stevie’s “Munich” (2005) was short of great, so it looks like it’s been a decade since “Saving Private Ryan” (1998). Let’s hope for some magic with “The Trial of the Chicago 7” due in 2009.

8:25 – My Dad just called. He’s got bronchitis, but seems to be doing OK otherwise. He’s planning a visit in late June.

8:34 – I can really do without the “Hollywood” introductions of home teams in the NBA. Although the Pistons Chauncey Billups really can do an entrance…

8:42 – Celts up 8-0. That’s like the old Sox being in first in May…

8:49 – 13-4 C’s, but back to the finish of “About a Boy.” The kid is about to sing Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly.”

8:52 – Poor kid is getting jeered, but Kyle and I agree Kyle is a vastly superior singer to this kid. Now the cheesy Hugh Grant is on stage with a guitar. Kyle just “Avardra Kadavra’d” the Grant character. Not sure why.

8:57 – 15-12 now, plus KG and Ray Allen are both on their asses with 2 fouls. Time for Kyle’s meds a face scrub and bed for the boy…

9:05 – Sam Cassell just threw up a lead brick followed by a Rasheed Wallace second effort bucket. 13-0 run and a 17-15 Pistons lead.

9:43 – While I’ve been searching for a better Johnny Most clip than this, the Green has built a 19 point lead.

9:46 – While the Pistons are hosting the Celtics, the Red Wings are also home for game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. They’re also faring better than the boys from Auburn Hills: Wings 1, the plural of Danny DeVito’s character in a “Batman” flick 0.

9:58 – Just saw a promo for a new ripoff ABC series called “Wipeout,” that’s clearly a fax of the classic MXC, hosted by Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship. Right you are, Ken.

10:29 – Sweet pass by KG and a 22 point bulge!

10:36 – Isn’t Coldplay just a U2 tribute band?

10:50 – What is up with Ray Allen in these playoffs? Slump or done?

11:09 – Paul Pierce just fell very awkwardly and so will the Green if he’s out.

11:12 – I’ve never seen “Lost,” and the 34 commercials for the “2 hour season finale” won’t get me to.

11:13 – The Celtics are trying to give this one away with poor charity stripe shooting.

11:15 – Nope. They picked a good time to snag their first road win of the playoffs. As the “Couz” would say, they “increased the defensive intensity” to win this one.

11:22 – Wasn’t that an exciting Saturday night? Uh, yeah.

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  1. Anonymous

    Ha. You’re so funny father.

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