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My mind was spinning in a black hole collapsing into itself like a “we fucking told you this would end the world” Hadron Collider disaster. Just behind my drive-in movie screen forehead was a low-budget indie flick of a short-circuiting electric wireframed milk crate tumbling through black space… That was what I saw Monday night when I shut the bedside light and closed my eyes. It was beautiful. A “My God, it’s full of stars” 2010 moment, but at the same time, I question what the hell’s going on in there… I suppose a freakish “Tron” trailer is better than seeing a gerbil on a treadmill, but is that activity due to too many hours of computer stare downs, excess MSNBC, or an unhealthy buildup of swimmers? Discuss.


  1. Jeff

    Would love to discuss! But what the hell are you talking about?!

  2. Anonymous


    to give yourself or somebody else sexual pleasure by stroking the genitals, usually to orgasm

  3. Anonymous

    you hitting the pipe again?

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