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Baby you don’t have to live like a refugee…

…but I do. Posting from my mom’s basement, the entire clan is here, forced from the Hollywood Bungalow by a natural disaster. Since 1am Friday night, I laid awake, thinking a huge overhanging tree would come crashing through my roof into my attic bedroom. Gravity pulled large limbs to a rest on my roof as I listened to trees shatter through the night. The sound of one cracking tree limb is a grabber. A nocturnal cascade of hundreds accompanied by reigning shards of ice crashing down is better than a triple espresso for alertness.

You know when you see on TV stories about people displaced by natural disasters. That’s us, albeit on a small scale… We are fortunate that our home wasn’t damaged and none of us were hurt. And Wilco/Neil Young is still on tonight in Worcester! Here are a few pics I grabbed yesterday just getting Megan and Maddy to their mom’s house and a warm fireplace… There was beauty in it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Out local news here in Hartford had a clip of your icy little town last night showing telephone poles snapped like toothpicks – good luck with all that…

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