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Neil Somebody

“YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF!” That was about ½ a song into Wilco’s set opening for Neil Young Saturday night. Yeah, seems I could have been a bit more diplomatic in my request that the woman next to me stop talking in my ear. [Edit: As pal Jeff points out in his comment, the woman blurted out the opening all CAPS barrage, not me…]

Anyway, I won’t repeat Jeff’s review of the show, but I will say I love the sonic booms that curse through the wires of “Old Black,” Mr. Young’s trusty 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop and anyone who can play a guitar and a mouth harp simultaneously is no poser.

I’m about to leave the refugee camp for work, but one quick story will tie all this together… Friday while out with the lovely ex and the kids, Gigi said, “I want to go!” when she heard I had two extra tix. “He sings that Fenway (Sweet Caroline) song, right?” Uh, no. That’s Neil Diamond, the guy whose picture is paired with the Neil Young review in the Worcester Telegram


  1. Jeff

    The way you’ve written this, it makes it sound like you were the one who said “go f yourself!” For the record, it was the lady’s reaction to your request to be a little more quiet….

  2. fifteenkey

    Yeah, after I posted it, I re-read it and noticed it was poorly constructed. I didn’t have time to change it…

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