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SpongeBath 2008

Remember taking a “spongebath” as a kid? The technique was basically taking a bath with a facecloth or sponge and was usually employed during constrained supply of:

  1. Time
  2. Water

It’s been quite a week. After release from the refugee camp at mom’s house Wednesday courtesy of Unitil, Kyle and I arrived home to hot air, but no hot water. Oh, and Megan shoved a refrigerator full of castaways down the disposal which caused a serious case of Polyvinyl chloride constipation, but I’m straying…

It seems that draining my electric water heater to protect it from freezing wasn’t such a good idea. When power was restored, the unit fired up inside a dry chamber and burnt itself out. It was fixed for $168 Thursday afternoon…

Now a cold shower has a time and a place, but that time was not Thursday morning and the place not where I shower, so morning at the improv ensued… I’ll spare you the details except to say I have a huge pot where I heated water and it provided 3 liquid sink cycles for shaving, bathing and even hair washing! I was pleased with the state of hygiene I attained, although it wasn’t exactly spongeworthy or the best of hair days so I did pass on after work drinks. Instead I came home and snaked out a clogged drain pipe for an hour from a cramped position on a ladder in my basement. Good thing I didn’t have to sponge off after that.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am so sorry to have missed seeing your hair on Thursday. Without the proper controls in place, you must have gotten some incredible height with that coif.

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