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Random Musings to Avoid Snow Shoveling

No, I don’t think Caroline Kennedy is qualified to take Hillary Clinton’s vacated Senate seat, but if her name was “Joe” would the criteria questions even be posed?

I’m glad I don’t have to say “Blagojevich” for a living.

Rick Warren? Really?

Unless Detroit changes the game and pulls a “Moore’s Law” x 10 on their propulsion systems, they are going the way of the Edsel.

The Yankees have spent $243.5 million in salary on two pitchers this off-season. C. C. Sabathia and A. J. Burnett raise expectations that the Yankees won’t suck and that’s great news for Red Sox fans. Oh, and they’re not done spending.

As for the Sawx, they’re posturing with agent Scott Boras in pursuit of one Mark Teixeira. News reports indicate it’s going to take $180 – $195M to land the slugger. With this economy’s trend, I suggest Mark get as much up front as possible. Who’s going to pay these salaries when fans lack the cash to buy tickets or even cable to watch?

Long the second class citizens in town, the Celtics and Bruins have reinvigorated the [Insert some corporate bank name here] Garden. The C’s have won 17 straight and are 25-2, while the B’s have snuck up on the NHL and jumped to #2 in the ESPN Power Rankings, whatever that is.

It’s still snowing.

In defense of pie.

As Christmas approaches, I’ve battled the consumerist demons ripping from my American DNA, but I didn’t buy this token of the Decline of Western Civilization.

And finally, She’s Got The Jack.


  1. Anonymous

    Your blog was so cool about the nasty Yankees. It was so objective, refreshing and unique. You really hit the nail on the head about all the money they spend. The Soxx are so awesome and hardly spend anything! I also heard that for many, many years those mean Yankees put a curse on Boston! That was the ONLY reason we could not win a world series. Yes, I heard that (or saw that on a clever t-shirt)! Isn’t so cool that now that we have just a small fraction of rings compared to the Yankee’s rings, that we can still obsess about them and become the stereotype we always wished upon Yankee’s fans? The best part is we have so much less to gloat about but who cares! You rock! Cowboy Up!

  2. fifteenkey

    Whaddaya mean “we?”

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