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I need a screw!

…and a nut! Well, I did a couple hours ago. For the second time in an earth spin, my snowthrower um, threw a curve at me when I was looking heat. Yesterday, a simple spark plug swap renewed my Ariens vigor, but tonight a missing screw rendered 12” of my 24” auger limp, seriously hampering the removal of white stuff. With nearly another foot covering my long, horseshoe driveway, shoveling was a painful option, so I searched a toolbox and junk drawer and scored a screw, but not a nut to hold it in place. I scanned for anything that might be held together with a similar combo and hooked up with the removal of said pair from my table saw. The fit was perfect and about 10 seconds later I smoked a cigarette. Only kidding of course. I don’t smoke, but I did burn through my driveway and feel pretty, pretty, pretty good about it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Leo it is Ron

    That bolt is called a shear bolt. It is designed to break if something gets caught in the auger. It is a safety item, to save your engine.

    Go to a snowblower repair shop and buy a couple of these bolts. They are not expensive. They will know exactly what you want. Size matters, so bring in the sample of the screw that fits.

    Have a nice day !!!


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