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Facebook’s 25 Mostly Random Things About Me…

25 Mostly Random Things About Me…
1. It was a dark and stormy night…
2. As a kid, skipping church and buying a bag of barbecued chips with the money Mom gave me for the felt covered collection pan seemed like the right thing to do.
3. Getting caught stealing an “Almond Joy” from the Greenwood Pharmacy at 10 may have circumvented a life of crime.
4. Running Dad’s burger stand on Revere Beach was a summer job a couple years during high school.
5. Drinking a couple beers with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from KISS at the “Lord Wakefield” Hotel around 1977 while wrapped in a leather coat and a Jimmy Page hair mess was kinda cool.
6. High school senior year began at 16. Malcolm Gladwell says that’s a huge disadvantage and perhaps the cause of maturational retardation.
7. Swishing a ¾ court length shot just before the half of a JV game in HS was exhilarating, but sadly, it only counted for a deuce back then.
8. Very little blogging has been happening lately, so why this?
9. At 50, only 3 companies have employed me since college.
10. Music is always heard, even when none is playing.
11. Of three grandchildren, Madison lives with me, and Mackenzie visits often, but Kolby was adopted by another family.
12. ADD is pretty much a given, but certainly not ADHD.
13. After scoring a 36 on a college Stats mid-term worth 33, it was clear the other students were not pleased with whoever screwed the curve.
14. Waiting tables was a first gig for a couple years out of college…while taking acting classes.
15. Driving cross-country was a bi-annual event during college, but it took over 40 years to set foot in Manhattan.
16. Tar Hut Records was a small indie record label 2 partners and I ran from 1995 – 2000. We released 9 records.
17. I saw the Monkees at the old Boston Garden in the 60’s. Years later I heard Jimi Hendrix opened, but I have no recollection of anything more than girls screaming.
18. 900 miles each way was not too far from Tucson to see the Stones in Boulder, Co in 1981.
19. Being a father has been a Dickensonian “best of times and worst of times.”
20. I have nothing to fear but fear itself.
21. I broke my zygomatic arch playing baseball on July 3, 1975. Surgery followed the next day.
22. I’m just beginning to understand,

“You need elephant balls
If you don’t want to crawl
On your hands
Through this world” – Tom Petty

23. So I’m reading a book on assertiveness.
24. I’m getting to the point of almost figuring it out, but…
25. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

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  1. Anonymous

    I like number 17 and number 19.


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