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Si! Oui! Yes!

Yes Man” was an entertaining couple hours for Kyle and me Saturday night. The plotline takes a “no man,” (Jim Carrey) a guy dodging life, and turns him into a “Yes Man” responding affirmatively to everything after a life-changing experience at a “Yes” seminar. The film had some hilarious moments, but also got me thinking about saying “yes” more to opportunities in life’s playground.

Early in the movie, Carrey’s protagonist ignores phone calls (totally me) just to avoid talking, but as he renovates, answering leads to opportunities. Today I answered two personal calls often ignored in the past and both were from callers needing some help. They were challenging in different ways, but had I not answered, personal histories would have been altered, likely not for the better.

Saying “yes” today didn’t lead to a fateful romantic meeting or comic movie moment, but my instinct tells me choosing to engage helped others, and I feel some affirmation knowing that.


  1. Anonymous

    I miss "deydadwm"

  2. fifteenkey

    I have no idea what that means.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow; no idea? That really hurts.
    "Drop Everything You're Doing And Deal With Me" – a vintage IM from another era.

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