Tonight I stopped for a drink after work with marketing types catching up with a former co-worker turned Salsa instructor. Completely unlike me, I stepped it around and talked to pretty much all the dozen or so folks there. Last night I had dinner with a friend till way past my bedtime and Wednesday had a work buddy over for dinner and cigars. Last week was a great time with peers in Newport working the room and just talking to everyone I could. Today I walked around chatting with our team members and even put my head on a picture of a guy dressed as a can of Spam and sent it to oh, about 1,000 people (with an internal marketing message). What the hell is wrong with me? I don’t think I’ve seen an episode of “Dora” in 2 weeks!

Still over thinking as usual, determining the exact source of the problem eludes, but I may have been infected with this “people thing” during the “biggest loser” work contest of 2009 or during vacation. In fact, I may have caught it from my oldest pal Mike Gonnella, who acts like he’s the rush chairman of the Phoenix Harley Riders Association. I remember wanting that vacation to change me… maybe even break me out of the dark cave I’d been living in for so long. Now dwelling on it, the first symptoms appeared when I gleefully told anyone willing to listen about my “greatest vacation ever.” Once those first few steps were taken, I’ve “just kept running” in a Forrest Gump kinda way. This people fever may pass, but it does feel good to know I’m still alive.

Speaking of alive, check out the fans in this video. They are alive.