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Tis the Season…

…but don’t call me jolly. Fat guys in red suits after a few thousand hot toddies are jolly. I’ll admit to being merry. Anyway…

  • Four hours of sleep just isn’t enough, but it’s better than three.
  • Speaking of three, I wonder if the NFL ever considered a three minute warning instead of 2?
  • I prefer shopping with my mouse, but Barb reminded me yesterday that some purchases need to be experienced in person. I’ll live a couple of those today…
  • …but only after Kyle and his pal Leo see the Harry Potter exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Science; although I’m not sure what the boy wizard has to do with science. Maybe it’s the science of currency.
  • I hope our President understands that the early adopters who got him nominated over the very capable Hillary Clinton are not too thrilled with his performance.
  • I splurged and got myself OXO “Good Grips” for Christmas…
  • This week the news was gently broken to me that I won’t be receiving a 2010 Wilco calendar. They’re not making one. Now I just don’t want anything.
  • I’m looking to outsource wrapping.
  • I hope the Bruins show up Monday night when Jeff and I do.
  • Jamal is getting a “Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Waterfall Soother” for Christmas…
  • I was in a very cool church this week and we both survived.
  • A similar survival experience occurred with some mozzarella, but only I lived through that encounter…
  • In the new year, I resolve to write less crappy posts.

Gotta go. Maddy wants “eggies.”


  1. Anonymous

    church, huh? wow…

  2. Anonymous

    church and an Obama slam…miracles do happen

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