Yeah, my snow thrower sputtered to a stop about 80% through a wet snow laden driveway this week, and yours truly had to figure out why before the next visit from Mr. Snow. Not only did I find the manual to my Ariens 7524, but two spare “shear bolts” needed last year at this time… After replacing last year’s “non-shear” substitute with the real thing, I removed the spark plug for inspection. The center and side electrode were carbon black and while cleaning might be an option, an RN4C with a .30 gap should fire me Ariens up.

A trip to purchase said plug didn’t happen yesterday, nor did any Christmas shopping, as I was the last family member to enjoy a stomach bug (with a heartburn chaser) from Maddy’s day care. I struggled to the grocery store and gobbled Tums before discovering my wallet wasn’t with me… That was special. More Tums and Gatorade helped and I’m feeling almost human again, though my stomach has a ways to go before I’ll trust throwing down a dog at the B’s tonight with Jeffro.