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Reruns and Viewer Mail

As much as I’d like to write my annual Valentine’s Day rant, uh… I’m busy, so you’ll have to be entertained with re-runs and viewer mail… Sorry.

Love is Blindness – February 14, 2007

Happy Hallmark Day – February 14, 2006

Fifteenkey has received some Valentine’s Day feedback:

Jenny writes, “I think its a chance for people who have trouble normally expressing how they feel to let it out without feeling weird…some people are just not comfortable with expressing themselves romantically all of the time…so on one day a year they can be as mushy as they may feel all year…but not be open enough to communicate…”

For the record, I’m not crazy about that term, “mushy.”

Esmeralda joins in, “…at least the outcome is generally pretty positive with this valentine stuff: people expressing thoughts of caring to one another. It could be worse.”

Yes indeed, Esmeralda. It certainly could.

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  1. Anonymous

    "Never liked the term 'mushy'"… True Leo, I did always consider you more a 'goo goo eyes' type guy.

    Sorry we missed your attempt at a drunk dial the other night. I'll make sure you have our numbers within the reach of fumbling fingers next time.

    Rod (the guy behind the port)

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