Saturday morning I joked about the marketing term “an idyllic retreat” to describe our 36 hour cape getaway, followed by a quantum physics effort to slow time down… I don’t know where to begin or end, but since there is none, it doesn’t matter. There were so many moments that will defy the laws of time as long as my memory can. There was a five minute dueling fit of laughter and two mothers engaged in a serious conversation while ones hairdo resembled Dr. Emmet Brown from “Back to the Future,” though it wasn’t the source of the hilarity. Crystal night clarity revealed constellations to walk under and a targeted moon haze to marvel. Water glistened golden on lakes and soaring silver outside our ocean deck. Whole grapes and their fermented juices were shared with the best crackers ever. Sunday walking to Huevos rancheros and coffee, a pair who spoke for themselves: Muy Bueno! Knotty Pine, skylights, outdoor showers, dirty carpets and unstained shingles blurred through the hours. One image is indelible. A beautiful, slender left hand draped lifelessly over a right shoulder, gently brushed by sleeping hair. It hung there weightless and I watched it for awhile without touching it. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to alter the perfection of it. I thought about taking a picture, but I never could have captured the moment that lives in my mind. Quantum physics is cool.