Once upon a time, my partners and I had a chance to sign a Southern band to our itty bitty Tar Hut (I’ll buy you a drink if you get that lyrical reference without googling…) label in the late 90’s, but we passed… Actually, once when we were in Hotlanta, Dave and I met with a woman who was really pushing them, but that meeting didn’t go well. Last time we saw her, she was driving the wrong way on one way… Anyway, I have no idea if they would have signed with us, but I recall our inner sanctum debate of their front man’s incredible songwriting and voice versus not wanting to become a “schtick” label. After all, Angry Johnny & the Killbillies got us started, and one of their sonic tools was a chainsaw. Since then though, the Drive By Truckers have sold a schtick-load of records.
The only time I saw the band was in 2006 at the old Avalon club on Lansdowne Street across from Fenway Park’s Green Monster. Jeffro described the band’s performance that night as a “3 guitar assault” and “the show of the year.” And it was… Sadly, guitarist-songwriter Jason Isbell left the band after that tour and it left a hole in the lineup for me.
Until yesterday.
Their new one is called “The Big To Do” and it’s burning up the LeoPod.
To give you a little taste tease (like eating only one Cheeze-It), here’s their performance on Letterman last Friday night. Actually, you can stream (and then buy) the whole record at www.drivebytruckers.com.
The DBT’s will bring their guitars and Marshall amps, freshly brined in Jack Daniels and sweat, to Boston’s House of Blues Friday, April 2nd.
Go. General Admission floor…