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A good friend wrote to me today on Facebook, “Leo go back to your religion loving world of rainbows, unicorns and girlfriends. Jason and I are married dudes who need to get out and talk about sports and boobs.”

Is that what I’ve become?  Is that where I’ve gone and is that why I haven’t been here pumping out angst fueled posts? During my recent 11 day word whiff, I’ve been analyzing the why’s… First I fingered Facebook as ruining my efforts to write anything longer than a couple sentences. Then I thought simple lack of discipline was the culprit and Facebook just a diversionary excuse. Upon further review, Facebook hasn’t been getting much of my attention either, so why the verse void?  Am I becoming anti-social media as real life crowds out any need to live virtually?  Do I no longer need the virtual attention because I’m living in a “religion loving world of rainbows, unicorns and girlfriends?” Come to think of it, even my friend Barb, while incredibly happy for me, has expressed a longing for the old, dark me, even asking if “Evileo” could sub for obnoxiously happy me just once a week…

I don’t know, but I do know this: I love boobs. Admittedly, I’m more aligned with Cosmo Kramer regarding the female anatomy, but boobs are right up there, and as a matter of fact… Well, nevermind, but how long can you really talk about boobs?  And sports?  Dude, you hate hoops, and right now the C’s are the only sports talk game in town after that thud of a Bruins finish. I can’t really see the 4th place Sox tawk lasting too long, but maybe the merits of interleague play…

Now, “religion loving?” Sure, I’ve attended a few 5:00 masses, but I still have far more doubt than faith and very little use for the organized brands. Being awed by a drug-free kaleidoscope sky or the happy spirit of a short blonde makes me wonder why, but I’m not texting CASH to Pat Robertson, OK?  I’m just keeping a clarity of mind, like a bright, white unicorn after an unnecessary lobotomy, galloping amongst cute bunnies and unknowingly crushing unlucky slow ones, some caught in the dried blood clasp of cloven hooves…

We good now?

Oh, and the girlfriend? She’s like a rainbow.

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  1. Megan

    I love seeing you in love.

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