Workin’ this Job…
A couple weeks ago, I sat in a dentist’s chair and as I smelled the results of my teeth cleaning, I considered the plight of the Dental Hygienist. I’m thinking there are some mornings she just does not want to be in people’s mouths.

Too small to fail…
One day while driving along 110 in Westford or Littleton, I passed a 99 restaurant and simultaneously heard 90.9 mentioned on Boston’s NRP station. I haven’t been in a 99 in years and won’t ever again if I can help it. Yeah, the food blows, but mostly because it’s a big, corporate chain. I’d rather support the many small, locally owned restaurants and bars. Wouldn’t you?

Not sure why this little word was all lonesome in my “blog ideas” doc, but “I’ll tell you, love, sister… It’s just a kiss away.”

Young Mother
I called my mom Friday to wish her a happy birthday. She hasn’t been feeling great lately, so we’re postponing the anniversary of her birth in 1940 (You do the math).

From my October 28, 2009 blog… (aka, just call me “Swami.”)
George from Orlando wonders, “sticking with the basketball theme, you could write about how there is no way the Celtics or the Cavs will be able to get past the Orlando Magic again this year in the playoffs.”

“George, George, George… Even though you literally live in a fantasy world where dreams come true (mostly for little girls), I’m afraid your lofty expectations may lead to a tragic, not magic season.”

Deep Dive
Yesterday while I ripped up the front weed beds, laid garden mesh and spread mulch, I was propelled by every Rolling Stones song on my ipod. It was so freakin cool! That band… Oh, boy. I think we tend to take them for granted because they’ve been so over-exposed for nearly 50 years, but they have so many stunning songs. I worked and danced like a fool in my yard. (At one point actually holding an axe!) It wasn’t work, but I’m sore and tired nonetheless. Anyway, as I was filling a wheelbarrow with sweet smelling hemlock, I thought of “She’s Like a Rainbow” and Joyce’s comments about how her brother loved the Stones back in the day. After nearly 50 years, you have to wonder which “back in the day.” I remember seeing them on SNL while in college in ’78 and someone remarking, “I like the old Stones.” Well good, ‘cuz they’re freakin’ old now. Stones rocking while rolling that wheelbarrow convinced me a catalog deep dive was needed… this summer. I burned my “Sticky Fingers” CD and downloaded “Goats Head Soup.” Yeah, it’s only rock ‘n roll…

“…getting me further than my next paycheck”
Thanks to the DBT’s for that header into my week. Very busy today and tomorrow, plus more hauling hemlock after hours, then fly to DC on Wednesday to be a booth babe at the American Payroll Association show. (C’mon, that was funny, but given the demographics of the show, not too far from the truth.) Pal Tommy Kimmel from Hotlanta will join me in a string bikini, AND I’ll be seeing Hut234 who now lives just outside our nation’s capital! On Friday, I hope to board an on-time plane home so I can rent a truck by 6:00 and help a friend move to her new summer place on the Cape! Still don’t know where we’re going to pen up the unicorn…