I could see the mother and daughter were holding back Niagara Tears, and I was quiet, my body rigid. That’s how I get when I’m scared. Kyle sat comfortably, the only one of us calm as we waited for the results in Radiology. A phone call told me Kyle’s primary care physician took one look at him and sent them immediately for an ultrasound. Mindless sports radio distracted me on what may have been a record commute West.

Earlier in the week Megan had been teasing Kyle that he needed new shorts. She pointed out that while sitting, all Kyle’s um, stuff, was really jammed up.  My glance confirmed the plus in the pants, but I just thought he was lucky… On Saturday morning I issued an order for personal hygiene exercises to commence, followed by a request that the boy not sing the entire soundtrack to “Wicked” while in there. I needed a shower too… I folded laundry on my bed as Kyle approached. I asked if he had everything he needed to dress and reminded him to use deodorant.

Sorting navy, black and gray socks in dim light is a thoughtless challenge, so wandering worlds passed through. I thought of Megan’s teasing just as Kyle removed his towel. “what the f%$!,” I thought as an avocado sized left testicle replaced socks as a focal point. There was other massive swelling so I asked Kyle if it hurt. He said no, but I was so shocked I wasn’t sure whether to believe him. He got dressed and I observed his behavior the rest of the day. He didn’t exhibit any pain of discomfort, so I deferred an ER visit, opting instead for a visit to his regular doctor on Monday.  (File under “Someone’s watching over him” – Kyle coincidentally was scheduled for a physical on Monday…)

“Kyle has a hernia” said Dr. Daga in her usual calming demeanor, to which I quickly responded, “That’s great!” Nervous laughter loosened some space in the tense room. With the much uglier possibilities dismissed, relief filled the room like a cool breeze and smiles replaced lines of concern. There’s no blockage and blood flow is fine, but it will have to be surgically repaired with an outpatient arthroscopic procedure.

I had planned to hit the gym or do more yardwork, but when I got home I did nothing. I was completely deflated of stress and content to simply experience profound relief.