In the last week I’ve made reservations for three work trips during October and November, all of them on Southwest Airlines… I’m not too crazy about traveling twice during my favorite tinted month of ten, but the aerial to and fro through Manchester can provide a breathtaking, burning vista. Colors aside, October also is home to Maddy’s birthday, Mickey Mantle’s birthday, and other dates of significance. Sadly, instead of being here, I’ll be being there:

Disney Caribbean Beach Resort – Sure, it will be nostalgic to revisit the site of a wonderful March, 1999 vacation with Megan and Kyle as the internet bubble completely inflated. During one mid-day break, I noticed a $5 stock I’d bought was $35. No. Of course I didn’t sell. We finished each night with a frozen drink by the pool. Strawberry Daiquiri for Megan and a “Lava Lamp” for Kyle. When my presentations and small talk are done, I’ll surprise Dad in “the Villages” for his 77th.

Mirage, Las Vegas – Just attending a conference is so chill compared to presenting at or organizing part of one. This is one of those, plus, instead of spending my birthday night on a plane, pal Pete will hang with me for hookers and blow in Sin City. (OK, do I have to say I’m only kidding about that part? I wouldn’t want to get either of us fired… or worse!)

MGM Grand, Las Vegas – I’m already sick of Vegas and I’m not even there for trip #1 yet. Maybe I need to develop a gambling habit to really enjoy myself there. Our customer conference is always fun and I’m anxious to see how our efforts positively impact customers this year. Plus, Robert Reich is our keynote speaker!

I’m saddened to be missing some important dates involving people I love, but Maddy at 3 will have fun at a party for her Sunday, October 17th. Late that morning I’m also planning to meet a friend for coffee at a local Starbucks. I want to thank her.