– If you still have the @aol.com suffix on your email and you work in tech, you’re embarrassing yourself.

– The Super Bowl condensed: Madge caught her fall, Welker not the ball.

– Gloria Ferrer crushes her latest Pinot Noir.

– I’ve dusted off the man-cave project plan.

– Mmmmm… kale.

– Tuesday night I played the Toy Story “Memory Game” with Maddy. Let’s just say the mind of this particular 4 year old is wicked shaahhp. She whooped the old man, 26-16.

– Unless things change, it’s the 4th quarter in America. Once the 1% have all the toys and the middle-class can’t consume anymore, it’s over.

– Don’t be a wimp. Get your cancer screenings. Yeah, you.

– Son Volt’s “Trace” is a desert island disc for me. Masterpiece.

– I wonder what Mitt Romney’s taxes looked like when he wasn’t feeling entitled to the Oval Office.

– Ask yourself: “Is Karl Rove looking out for me?”

– And… “Do I want Newt Gingrich anywhere near the launch codes for our nukes?”

– I believe Rick Santorum could be the “not-Romney” who wins the Republican nomination. Of course he’s wrong about everything, but there’s a refreshing purity to his wrongness.

– You can expect all the social “wedge issues” like the new one, contraceptives, plus gay marriage and abortion to be front and center for the Republicans this year. It’s all they have.

– I respect Tim Thomas’s right to be wrong.

– It’s sad, but the Celtics-Lakers game last night was largely ignored.

– Hey, it’s “make up for being a schmuck the rest of the year” day Tuesday. Don’t forget Hallmark and the flowers…