Yesterday was as relaxing a day as I’ve had in a long time. Not an email was stirring, that needed my mouse. The children were also tucked away for the day with a relation, and I was free to do whatever I wanted. So naturally I went to the liquor store. Well wait. I went there to buy wine to bring to a friend’s house and a nice port to bring to a Christmas party today, although I may audible at the line of scrimmage into a nice Chardonnay.

Anyway, the relaxation was assisted by a quiet morning sit (look it up), some yoga for my old back and hips, and a trip to the gym where the Black Card I got to take Kyle with me also entitles a “massage chair” which is better than a not massage chair.

I’m jumping around, but as I was reminded in “Arrival,” time is relative. That’s a fine film by the way with a cool twist on time and the old cinematic technique of the flashback. That’s all I’m going to say, but one exchange that is sticking with me is:

Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams): “If you could see your life from start to finish, would you change things?”
Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner): “Maybe I would say what I felt more often. I don’t know.”

Going back in time, morning shower time had a Band of Horses mix from Spotify as a soundtrack, including The Funeral. Shortly after the music died down and I was ready to go out, I received an email from an old friend titled “mom.” That’s all I needed to read to understand the sadness inside.