I’m in one right now after a 2.62-mile spin on the elliptical. I’m making progress. That follows a 2.96-mile jaunt on Friday.  We’ll see how my hip responds.

Since I’m just cooling off, all I have are some random thoughts.

  • Why does everything have to be a “hack?” Diet hacks. Sex hacks (ouch). HR hacks. Productivity hacks… Enough of the laziness. Use your words. There are lots of them. Besides, many people aren’t as cool as you and don’t understand the connotation you’re attempting. They could think it’s going after their passwords and avoid your content altogether.
  • Bernie. The dude has now won Iowa, NH and yesterday Nevada – convincingly. Still, there’s palpable hate for the Democratic Socialist and no more apparent than on Twitter. What a shitshow that place is. Anyway, I think the Democratic “Establishment” and the mainstream media that supports it is beginning to realize the Bern could likely be the Democratic nominee, and if they want to defeat Cheeto Jesus they’re going to have to get behind his movement. The hatred between supporters of Sanders and supporters of the other Democrats concerns me. Bernie’s going to need all Democrats to beat the Orange Menace. Poking Democrats who don’t support him right now in the eye isn’t helpful.  In this Primary cycle, I’ve donated to both Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, but I’ll vote for whatever Democrat ends up winning the nomination. Still, I think Bernie v. Trump presents the starkest choice for voters and will show who we are.
  • Yeah, I’ll vote Blue no matter who, but what a smug dick Mike Bloomberg is. Mayor Pete isn’t far behind.
  • I’d like to ask President Obama, “if you knew your presidency would unleash the kind of hate that would result in the election of Donald Trump, would you have run in the first place?”
  • I don’t think the Houston Astros and the players who participated in the cheating have been punished nearly enough. And yeah, if it’s proven the Red Sox cheated in a similar way, they should be severely punished. I’m no Pete Rose fan, but he received a lifetime ban for betting on his own team.  This scandal is worse imo.
  • Oh, here’s another diet hack tip. When dining out for dinner, eat 1/2 your meal and bag the rest for a lunch. Trust me. You’ll be quite satiated and the lunch will be awesome and free.

I’m contemplating a 4-hour round-trip to see the Drive-By Truckers in Portland, ME on this school night. I’m feeling the need for thrashing guitars. They’d probably play this new Mike Cooley song, too.