If you’ve seen “What About Bob?,” you’re familiar with Bob Wiley’s vacation idea while struggling with mental illness. 2020 is a year of if not insanity, then surely uncertainty, and that was the operative word describing the possibility of a proper vacation this Summer. I’m grateful that my employment has been uninterrupted by the current crisis, but it’s been, you know, work, and after a very intense few months helping customers manage through the crisis in the Kronos Community, I needed some time.

In late June, I booked this place (It looks far batter than it really is.) in West Falmouth for my family and kept a close watch on the COVID-19 reports from the state and I monitored Falmouth posts on Twitter. The situation seemed relatively safe, so I let 2 refund deadlines pass and we arrived on July 20th for a 3-night stay. Given the risky Russian Roulette of being in public during a deadly pandemic, I set low expectations with three simple experiences for the respite:

  • One day at the beach
  • One (rainy) ride on the Shining Sea Bikeway
  • One dinner (out) harbor-side and the Flying Bridge

We had a lovely dinner, and in one day completed a 15 mile morning round-trip bike ride to Woods Hole and the afternoon at Old Silver Beach. My old joints enjoyed the cool buoyant water and simply being together with Kyle, Beth, Megan, Mike, Maddie, Aza, and Luca recharged me. Megan captured the vibe better than I can with an Instagram post.

Stay healthy. Baby steps, peeps.