We’re 30 days from the Presidential Election and despite over 20,000 lies, raging narcissistic adolescent behavior, and proactive mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s contributed to over 200,000 deaths, Donald Trump is still polling nationally above 40%. How can that be? To answer, “who the fuck are these people,” I’m going to build some anonymous profiles of the people I know who to this day support the worst President in American history.

The Evangelicals
They say they don’t like Trump and his antics, but they LOVE Mike Pence and think it’s god’s plan to have him ascend to the presidency. Oh, and the abortion thing. I would not want to go through life claiming to follow the teachings of Jesus but not actually following the teachings of Jesus. Oh, and Melania Trump said, “Who gives a fuck about Christmas?” Imagine if Michelle Obama had said that. Whoa.

The Boston Herald / Howie Carr fans
These blue-collar folks have been reading the Boston Herald for years and simply absorbed the conservative bent of the paper and some of its Trump-loving writers like Howie Carr. The foundation of their politics is that black people in Boston all are on Welfare and drive Cadillacs so they don’t want their taxes paying for that. They also were sounding the alarm bells like Paul Revere when “the Caravan” was hyped to be headed North from Central America. So yeah, they believe in all forms of racist fiction.

The Tradesman
Again, a blue-collar guy with a raging hate for Barack Obama and of course, Hillary Clinton. He’s also triggered at the letters “BLM,” so that may be a hint of where he’s coming from.

The Old Man
I recall a conversation about politics with him around 2010. He knows the issues and his big one is immigration.  He looks the other way on the Trump three ring shitshow because Trump is tough on his key issue. Before I departed Facebook, I recall the “kids in cages” controversy was raging. I do think the old man had some empathy for their plight, but added, “their parents shouldn’t have brought them.

The Mom
No, not my biological mom. My brother from another mother’s mother. I don’t think she’s really into politics, but she’s incredibly supportive of her boys, including me, and two of them are red hats.

The Boys
Again, I think it’s the immigration thing and maybe taxes with my brothers from another mama. Mostly they just enjoy talking shit.

I grew up with many of the people portrayed in the profiles here and I know racism was alive and well back in the 1970’s in the Melrose-Wakefield (MA) area. Sadly, I think some of that lingers though I’ve never heard any of the people profiled here utter anything racist. Not that I recall, anyway. It’s been a long time, but I can recall moments from those days in these Jason Isbell lyrics.

I’m a white man looking in a black man’s eyes
Wishing I’d never been one of the guys
Who pretended not to hear another white man’s joke
Oh, the times ain’t forgotten

White Man’s World

Aside from the god-fearin’ and my second mom, a couple of themes that thread through all these MAGA boys are the tough guy thing and ballbusting. They fucking LOVE when Trump disrespects his opponents and anyone who dares disagree with him and they totally buy his tough-guy act. One other thing they have in common with Trump… They’ll never admit to being wrong.

Holding steady at 42.5.