Vacation was delayed a few days to crank out a new program to… Well, it was delayed and now I guess I’m officially on vacation. It remains to be seen if I’ll stay off work eMail given this is our critical 4th quarter.

So… what to do? Kyle is with me for the duration, although he may hang with his mom tomorrow night since she leaves on a real vacation next week. The Williamstown day trip is definitely on, perhaps tomorrow. Then there’s the MFA show I never got to and possibly a day or two down to the Cape or the Vineyard. What else? Any suggestions? Maybe some golf. That would be new.

I want my vacation to be more than just a chill. I’d like to enrich my life and experience some new things. Hmmm… How about some books. Let’s see… Here are a few I’ve purchased but not yet read:

I’ll keep busy.