You know what they say about opinions… Oh, you don’t? Well, here’s what they say.

Last night I met some friends at… Well, it doesn’t matter where. We got together prior to attending a minor league baseball game. Here’s an opinion. This was really good. Anyway…I was the first to arrive and sat at the bar. Adjacent to me were some other middle-aged white guys drinking beer and eating. I eavesdropped on their sports conversation and wondered: Does anyone have an opinion of their own, or are opinions like music — all derivative of something heard before? One guy was pontificating about the Patriots’ Deion Branch holdout situation. It was interesting to hear this guy very authoritatively tell his friend exactly what would happen. The friend obviously agreed or dared not challenge his friend, the Swami. Funny thing is, the “opinion” stated was simply a parroting of one heard on our local talk radio. People listen to local TV sports personalities, ESPN or talk radio to hear opinions, and then they pick one they like and go with it. Most have no freakin idea what the real situation is, but it doesn’t stop them from spouting their unoriginal opinion. At least my opinions are original. Contrary to popular belief, I’m telling you here and now that Deion Branch will sit out the NFL season and join the Pro Bowlers Tour for better money than he’s getting from the Pats.

Speaking of opinions, a frequent visitor to this space suggested to me that I’m not funny enough and that maybe I should do a post on lesbians. I guess since Howard Stern’s gone satellite, there’s just not enough good lesbian talk. So, as a public service, I’ll kill two birds with one lesbian joke*:

Q: How many lesbians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: Four. One to do the work, one to critique the word screw, one to lend her professional credentials and one to write a folk song about the empowering experience.

* My research indicates some lesbians find the stereotyping in the joke humorous.