I’ll be in Newport, RI tomorrow night socializing with current work acquaintances while ex-cube farmers from NEC re-union in Boxborough, MA. Honestly, part of me would like to swap locations, but the hand of fate (yeah, I’m still on the B&B; kick) placed me a couple hours South. However, in an almost game time decision, my lovely-ex will be at the NEC gathering and yours truly got her a male escort for the occasion! Yep. My old friend Tommy K, who goes way back with me to NEC and is the guy responsible for me enjoying my current gig, accepted the challenge and will walk in as Gigi’s “arm candy.” (His words; not mine.)

There are only a few people on the reunion list I wanted to see, and it would have been very interesting to see them. Reunions are a time to see if the old flame that dumped you got fat and ugly or ended up with someone that did. Well, they are in my little mind… The starkest memories from the last reunion I attended were the confirmed alcoholism of a big HS drinker who was carried out of the hall, and the fact I didn’t recognize one of the “untouchable” girls from my class. Ooops. Sorry, I’m drifting. Anyway, I also was really surprised at the names I didn’t see, and when I read in the script, “Leo (in Newport),” it confirmed I was one of them. While I won’t be there, between the fabulous Gigi and “Tommy Bar” as my understudy, I expect to receive two very contrasting perspectives on the evening.